Medication Regimen Review

Long Term Solutions team of consultant pharmacists perform comprehensive medication regimen reviews to ensure optimal therapy upon admission, during transition of care or when a change of condition is observed.

The goals of Medication Regimen Review are:

  • Enhancement of therapeutic outcomes of pharmacologic agents.
  • Minimization of adverse effects and negative outcomes.
  • Promotion of cost-effective prescribing habits.

Our process ensures that each medication has an appropriate indication for use and is prescribed at the recommended dosage. We monitor for duplicative therapies and request that medications only be utilized for as long as necessary.

Specific attention to psychoactive medications is taken to ensure:

  • Residents are not chemically restrained.
  • Medications are prescribed at the lowest possible dose to control symptoms.
  • Non-pharmacological interventions are utilized prior to initiation or titration.

Our process promotes compliance with SNF regulations F755 Pharmaceutical Services and F756 / F758 Drug Regimen Review / Free from Unnecessary Psychotropic Medications and PRN use. To ensure compliance with the CMS Drug Regimen Review Quality measure, Long Term Solutions has a dedicated staff of new admission pharmacists. Supplemental drug regimen reviews are performed for changes in condition of residents to rule out medications as a potential cause.

We utilize state of the art software to screen for medication interactions as well as compliance with manufacturer recommendations. Our software functionality includes a customized library of regulatory, quality assurance, and clinical recommendations.

Quality Assurance Regulatory Compliance

Our services extend far beyond typical regulatory compliance. As a member of the interdisciplinary team, Long Term Solutions staff provide guidance and support for all aspects of pharmaceutical services. Our team works collaboratively with your staff to improve patient care and outcomes, ensuring safe medication management, enhancing regulatory compliance and reducing costs.

Our quality assurance services ensure that residents receive the ultimate quality of care. We provide guidance with an objective voice and work with you to develop processes to make your organization more efficient and prepared for certification and accreditation surveys.

Our services include:

  • Mock Survey Reviews.
  • Controlled Substance Accountability audits/Diversion investigations.
  • Medication and Treatment Pass audits by our team of professional nurses.
  • Nursing Station Inspections.
  • Provider Pharmacy contract negotiations and drug distribution audits.
  • Quality Measure Review.
  • Plans of Correction.
  • EMR / Medical Record Audits.

Cost Containment Strategies

Cost containment strategies are essential to healthcare. At Long Term Solutions, we have a system to promote cost effective prescribing that includes:

  • Formulary Development & Management.
  • Therapeutic Interchange Programs.
  • Disease State Management Protocols.
  • Provider Pharmacy Data Management.

Pharmacy Services

Many facilities do not have a pharmacy director on site. Let Long Term Solutions assume that role!

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Antibiotic and Opioid Stewardship Program Development.
  • Oversight of the provider pharmacy’s performance.
  • Liaison between facility and provider pharmacy Chairperson of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.
  • Pharmacy policy and procedure manual.
  • In-service education to staff, residents and families.
  • Expert Clinical Resources.
  • Drug Information Resources.

Controlled Substances

Adhering to all regulatory requirements for controlled drug storage, distribution, destruction and accountability can be labor intensive and daunting.

Long Term Solutions offers the following services to assist in compliance:

  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Diversion Investigations and Reporting.
  • Controlled substance destruction options.
  • Recommendations for cost reduction.
  • Assistance in licensure.

Nursing Services

Our team of dedicated long term care nurses differentiates us from other pharmacy consultant organizations. They offer a unique blend of capabilities that will provide your facility with onsite field resources.

Legal / Expert Witness Services

Document Review and Discussion, including (but not limited to):

  • Medical Record Review
  • Complaint Review
  • Review of Depositions and
  • Transcripts
  • Review of Dispensing Records
  • Deposition Appearances
  • Court Appearances