What some of our clients are saying

“Long Term Care Solutions is one of the most professional, well-managed, outcome-driven organizations we have the pleasure of working with. Lisa and her team care about their customers and the impact their services have on our residents and programs. If I had to pick a team to be in a foxhole with, LTC solutions and their team would be on the list. They will protect you and your operations as if they owned the program themselves.”
~ Scott L.

“Lisa Venditti is the best Pharmacy Consultant that I have ever worked with. During my career, I have worked at several facilities as the administrator and one of the first things I did was to hire Lisa as our Pharmacy Consultant. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and always up to date with information. You never have to ask her about changes in regulation because she is involved with the process as it evolves and is already an expert before it becomes effective. She is highly regarded as an expert in her field and has spoken at many health care venues and SNF conferences. She truly is always on top of what’s happening and is very good at distributing this information along with policies to all her clients. Her staff is all top notch and are as thorough in their regime reviews as Lisa would be. Lisa requires her team to cross reference of all documentation including the MDS to ensure accuracy throughout the record. Her Physician recommendations are always accurate and up to the most current regulation. I highly recommend Lisa Venditti and her firm if you are looking for a pharmacy consultant who brings the most current knowledge in the field as well as assistance with getting the most from your EMR system.”
~ Paula R.

“Lisa Venditti is an expert in the Long-Term Care Industry, has always has a fountain of information and ideas. Her expertise is sought after and for good reason as she can help in so many ways. I highly recommend working with Lisa and her team if you need any information and/or help in daily operations.”
~ Charles S.

“Lisa is a highly qualified professional who holds herself and her staff to a higher standard. She is very detail oriented, always has her finger on the pulse of the industry and is able to interpret and communicate this to line staff and doctors alike. One can usually feel confident that there will be no “surprises” once Lisa has been in your facility. She is a team player…certainly one I want on my team.”
~ Bernadette C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa and her team for over 4 years. She is the consummate professional who has the interest of clients first on her priority list. She has a tremendous knowledge base and consistently utilizes her expertise to enhance the provider’s position in the industry while constantly maintaining a resident centered approach. I would highly recommend Lisa and her team to any skilled nursing provider.”
~ Chris J.

“Lisa is a very gifted individual. She has the unique ability to make her point with both conviction & diplomacy. She stands up for her clients & is very helpful with cost saving measures. She prepared our facility for survey & was very successful in educating & in servicing veterans as well as new employees.”
~ Michael K.

“Lisa and her staff are on top of their game. They stay current on trends in the industry and keep us in the know and on track.”
~ E. Jay Z.

“I have been fortunate enough to have, worked with Lisa within multiple facilities for over 17 years and I highly recommend Lisa and her organization as, one of the best consultant pharmacy organizations in the country.”
~ Mary Jane B.

“Lisa Venditti is an excellent Pharmacy Consultant. She is extremely professional and always well informed about the most recent changes in State and Federal Pharmacy regulations. She and her staff can help a facility remain in compliance with NYSDOH surveys, assist with keeping the facility’s policies & procedures current, provide education to the Medical and Nursing staff, while maintaining an excellent working relationship with your vendor pharmacy. In the six years Long Term Solutions has been our pharmacy consultant, we never have had any citations relating to pharmacy issues.”
~ Laura T.

“Lisa is one of the best in the LTC pharmacy consulting business.”
~ Aldo T.

“Lisa is the essential expert in her field in all matters regarding pharmacy. Department of Health regulations, and cost-saving strategies. I have worked in two facilities where her firm provides consulting and auditing. I would hire no other pharmacy consulting firm other than Long Term Solutions.”
~ Alice W.

“Long Term Solutions and Lisa provide a hands-on up to date consulting service. They are current with their knowledge of regulations effecting health care and her staff are competent team players. I recommend her highly. Lisa and I have had a professional relationship for over 20 years. I use her services wherever I am working.”
~ Henriette K.

“Lisa is an expert in the pharmaceutical field, specializing in the long term care industry. She is a tremendous resource and provides expert guidance. Navigating the industry as an Administrator is always a challenge but I can always count on Lisa and her team of professionals to provide me with the solutions to any problems or challenges that lie ahead. She is a tremendous asset to my organization.”
~ John P.

“Lisa’s company has been invaluable in helping us control Pharmacy costs as well as preventing medication errors. Her representatives are knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend using her company.”
~ Richard B.

“My company has utilized LTS’ services for several years now, I would recommend this company to anyone in need of these services. Her consultants remain current and knowledgeable both in practice and regulations.”
~ Akia B.

“Lisa and her team provide extraordinary assistance day in and day out. They are knowledgeable, inventive and always available to assist. It has made my job easier working with this outstanding group of professionals.”
~ Maureen B.